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Nhìn lại năm học đầu tiên trong Chương trình Tiên tiến
Cập nhật: 11/08/2010

Bài viết dưới đây của SV Nguyễn Hoàng Minh Trí (lớp 09CTT), SV năm thứ nhất trong Chương trình Tiên tiến ngành Công nghệ Thông tin. Sau 1 năm theo học chương trình, Trí đã có một bài cảm nhận cá nhân về việc học tập, môi trường học tại đây. Bài viết được đăng trong blog cá nhân và được tác giả cho phép đăng lại trên website này.

Xin giới thiệu nguyên văn bài viết bằng tiếng Anh của SV Nguyễn Hoàng Minh Trí.


Summary of my first year in APCS

So the first year in APCS is finally end, time to write a little summary. This will be literally a wall of text so don't faint when reading it!

Nguyễn Hoàng Minh Trí

It all started when my father get a flyer of APCS, which involving an entrance English Test. He encouraged me to participate the test in order to test my English skills. I actually got the highest score, and pass the exam. Then my family encouraged me to participate in the program which I easily accepted because there's no harm in doing so. (except having to part from my 2 best friends, but at that time I'm striving for new experiences).

Then there comes the first term, where we had 3 subjects to learn: CS161 which was way below my level of knowledge, CM101 which was the most notable subject of that term, and English class at Bell Vietnam. There are nothing notable about CS161 except it's the first time I met Dr. Tien. CM101, which is as I could classify as an "informal subject" in which I have met Dr. Vu Duong, whom I have learnt a lot from, but the thing that I actually gained from CM101 is a lot of fun, some good experiences in soft-skill, and the most important thing is CM101 helps brings us together which is the core reason that 09CTT is what it is today. Another notable thing in the first term is the annual "Hội trại đoàn kết" of FIT, which made our bonds which start from CM101 even tighter, and it also left many good memories for me to remember.

There were more interesting things happened in the second term. The MTH251 class was very insteresting, thanks to Prof. Hữu Anh. The CS162 class was still below my level, so there are nothing notable about that. But the English class got more interesting, since I introduced CSC as a activity to spend the gap between the morning class at school and the afternoon class at Bell Vietnam, which was a huge success. The most notable thing in this term was that I literally get dragged into making the video to present the HCMUS-FIT in it's 15 Years ceremony, which costed me a lot from money, strength, and even made one of my plan failed miserably with additional consequences. But from it I actually gained a lot of insight about some of my friends, which was actually priceless. In this term, I also start to made some moves to find a partner for the dancing class and also a girl friend (with space, that is a close friend that is a girl, not "the special one"), which actually led to nowhere partly because of my wary of risks and an incident in which I chose the wrong option.

And finally the third Term, in which I had a (kind-of) boring MTH252 class, which I had messed up a bit but still quite successful. But to compensate for that, the CS163 class was much more interesting thanks to the need of "climbing Trees", which was (kind-of) new knowledge to me. And I actually found myself successful partly because of my experiences in coding, and partly because of my ability to research. And we also done a seminar on "Trees" which actually promoted us to work together better. The English class got even more interesting because in addition to CSC, Ralph (the teacher) let us play vocabulary games, which turned out very fun and challenging. Another notable thing about this term was that I agreed to help my friend with TVC, but this time I limited myself with just "advicing". Even though we actually failed to get any prize but in fact we succeeded in making a quality TVC, and also having a lot of fun times working together. But the thing I like the most about this term is the dancing class, which I initially had some problem in finding partner partly because of the failures in the previous term, and also because my first target for partner mysteriously disappear right at the time of registration which force me to ask an alternative target, which actually success but not what I originally want. The Dancing class wasn't just a chance to strengthen our friendship, but was also a chance to meet a lot of new people (mostly girls), and also to have a lot of fun. The Prom Night may be an experience I could never forget, even if it has been partly disturbed by a heavy rain. An extremely interesting thing has just happened 2 hours ago, well this one is for the next year.

Trí Nguyễn (Nguyễn Hoàng Minh Trí)

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